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Industries we work with...

Aerospace Industry

We have professional experience in numerical investigations (FEA & CFD) on the following applications…

  • Drag Reduction Techniques

  • Blade Cooling

  • Combustor Simulation

  • Jet & Noise Prediction

  • Inlet Design

  • Structural Durability

  • MBD (Landing gear)

  • HVAC

Image by SpaceX

Agricultural Industry

They say Modern Agriculture, but we at BES say, dynamics in Agricultural engineering with CFD. We provide CFD support in 

  • Green house design

         - Ventilation optimization,

         - Evaluation of temperature/radiation distribution at crop level.

  • Livestock management

         - Temperature/thermal analysis

         - Emissions from barns

         - Ventilation

  • Post-harvest processing

         - Thermal analysis inside warehouse

Scientist in Greenhouse

Chemical Industry

Chemical engineering is the field where CFD has impeccable role in innovation. At BES, we provide technical association related to,

  • Heat transfer analysis in the reactors

  • Analysis of Mass transfer in the reactions

  • Combustion analysis

Image by engin akyurt


BES understands the primary objectives of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality. 

Our Numerical Simulation team accurately predicts the indoor room conditions such as air velocity, relative humidity, thermal radiation, smoke concentration, etc., along with outdoor air ventilation.  BES is specialized in providing HVAC design solutions in the following system and component level analysis...

  • Design of HVAC Ducts

  • Chillers

  • Cooling Towers

  • Fans

  • Heat Exchangers

  • AHUs

  • Other subcomponent analysis

Image by Meritt Thomas

Maritime Industry

We provide wide range of services for the marine industry. We are packed with highly skilled professionals who can assist in design of all major disciplines such as

  • Fluid dynamics

  • Structural mechanics

  • Ship building

  • Marine engineering

Image by John Simmons

Automotive Industry

Our technical team encompasses a versatile knowledge base in the following automotive numerical applications

  • Vehicle aerodynamics

  • Under-hood thermal management

  • Climate and comfort control

  • Brake cooling

  • Exhaust after treatment

  • Intake analysis

  • MBD

  • NVH

Image by Lenny Kuhne

Biomedical Industry

Our BES technical team have experience in CFD for health research applications or biomedical engineering like,

  •  Flow analysis in

          - drug delivery systems

          - physiological flows

  •  Designing Medical equipment

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Renewable Energy industry

We provide the design services for the following Energy Verticals...

  • Wind Energy (Analysis of Wind Turbine – Components- Blades – Structure – Wind Forms)

  • Solar Energy (Solar Heating – Panels – Collectors – Reflectors – PCM- Domestic Applications)

  • Tidal Power Simulation

Wind Turbines on Water

Oil & Gas Industry

Our technical team gives design support and structural verification of onshore, offshore, sub-sea and marine systems. Our numerical engineering specialists have extensive experience in ensuring the structural integrity of Oil & Gas industry.   BES provides the following services to this vertical…

  • Flow Analysis

  • Thermal and Stress Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Fluid Structure Interaction

  • Blast Analysis

  • Fatigue and Impact Analysis

Oil refinery plant in the evening

Food Industry

Our expertise in CFD renders support to the food technology industries in terms of 

thermal analysis and fluid flow analysis for baking ovens, sprayers, dryers, food processing tanks, etc.

Image by Crystal Kwok
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